AsidesLive Symposium
Re-Making Classics
10:00am - 1:00pm
Feb 08 2015

AsidesLive Symposium
Re-Making Classics

In the Sidney Harman Hall Forum


$20 regular, $15 ticket holders/subscribers, $7 student tickets

This multi-hour symposium will look deeply into Dunsinane and The Metromaniacs by exploring their relationships to classic source material and contemporary plays.

Uncovering Inspiration: Macbeth: A look at artists who have found inspiration in Shakespeare’s text. Panelists include a representative from the National Theatre of Scotland and graphic novelist Gareth Hinds. Moderated by Community Engagement Manager Laura Buda. 

Re-writing Shakespeare: This panel will focus on DC-area theatre artists who go beyond adaptation to create new works. Panelists include Kimberly Gilbert, actress/creator Enter Ophelia, Distracted, Shawn Northrip, playwright Titus X, Joe Calarco, director/adaptor Shakespeare’s R&J. Moderated by playwright Norman Allen.

Moving Language: The day will conclude with a panel examining transformative translation and adaptation. Panelists include playwrights David Ives, The Metromaniacs, Ellen McLaughlin The Persians and STC’s Literary Manager Drew Lichtenberg. Moderated by Audience Enrichment Manager Hannah Hessel Ratner.