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Festival of Indian Dance & Art
Sheejith Krishna & Dancers
Sep 27 2013

Sheejith Krishna & Dancers

In the Sidney Harman Hall

Pravãha is an original dance-theatre production conceived and choreographed by Sheejith Krishna. Inspired by the rich lyricism of classical poetry on the iconic river Ganga,  Kalidasa’s Meghadutam (cloud messenger), and other traditional and modern stories on the many forms of water, the work uses the historic physical, spiritual and cultural significance of water as a lens to explore the complex relationships between human beings and nature.
Pravãha depicts the dance of water through its cycles of existence.  The journey of cloud, rain and river become metaphors for the flow of creativity and the dance of the human spirit at one with nature. In tracing the story of water back to the origin of life on the cosmos, Pravãha  highlights how human response to nature has evolved over millennia.

Pravãha takes us on a journey of confluence and birth, connection and balance, division and destruction, rebirth and rejuvenation. Emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things, the dance explores humankind’s greatest challenge today: saving our rivers and lakes—perhaps our most precious natural resources—in order to preserve and protect our fragile ecosystem.

This work has been commissioned by Dakshina for the 2013 Fall Festival of Indian Arts and features an all-male cast of performers including choreographer Sheejith Krishna, Nidheesh Kumar, Sreenath Nair, and Season Unnikrishnan.

Want more? Visit the online publication of the shakespeare theatre company!
Want more? Visit our online publication!

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