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Happenings Happy Hour:
The Welders: Transmission
6:00 p.m.
Apr 07 2016

Happenings Happy Hour:
The Welders: Transmission

In the Sidney Harman Hall Forum

Transmission, by Gwydion Suilebhan—is an immersive, participatory "performance essay" on the viral evolution of culture from the radio age to the present. Part science class, part ritual invocation, the Transmission is a sonic mashup of 20th-century history and 21st-century dangers. It investigates themes that will resonate with modern audiences: the inundation of narratives on an over-abundance of digital channels; our always-connected, always-sharing, selfie-obsessed culture; and the desperate need for skepticism and inquiry in landscape of spin, lies, and out-of-control memes.

Make it a full night of snazzy performancesby attending that evening’s performance of 1984.
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