AsidesLive Symposium
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Jun 14 2015

AsidesLive Symposium

In the Sidney Harman Hall Forum

Tickets: $20 general admission, $15 subscriber/senior, $7 student

Spend the morning expanding your knowledge of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Tartuffe. The multi-hour symposium will look deeply into both text and production, and encourage audiences to examine the work they see on stage from a well-informed perspective.

Topics and panelists include:
  • A New-ish Tartuffe
    Discover directly from director Dominique Serrand and adaptor David Ball about this production’s past and why Serrand keeps returning to Moliere’s tale of religious hypocrisy over the years and what makes this adaptation unique. Moderated by STC’s Artistic Fellow Garrett Anderson.

  • The Edge of Comedy
    Uncover how performers approach 17th century dark comedy with fresh eyes. Featuring Steven Epp (Tartuffe), Sofia Jean Gomez (Elmire) and Luverne Seifert (Orgon). Moderated by STC’s Education Director Samantha K. Wyer.

  • Moliere and the French Theatre
    Learn the importance of Moliere’s writing and life on French Theatre and culture. Top scholars including James F. Gaines (A Moliere Encyclopedia) and A. James Arnold (French Professor Emeritus at University of Virginia), moderated by STC’s Training Programs Manager Brent Stansell.