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Dear Friend,

Theatre is all about shared experiences and creating community. But all communities face challenges, and at times, must make difficult decisions. This is one of those times. With the elevation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to a pandemic and the D.C. Health Department’s recommendations surrounding mass gatherings, STC has decided to suspend all public programming through May 17. We have also elected to close our workspaces through March 29, allowing our staff to telework.

Our hit productions of The Amen Corner and Timon of Athens were canceled early. We have made the decision to reschedule both Romantics Anonymous and Much Ado About Nothing. This means a huge loss to this season’s revenue, but you can be part of the solution.

To ensure we weather this storm, we have established the Phoenix Fund to gather vital support from our friends. Inspired by the mythical bird that is born from the ashes of adversity, this campaign will ensure the future of STC. With the help of a generous board member who has agreed to match gifts of any amount up to one million dollars, any contribution you make will be matched dollar for dollar.

During Shakespeare’s career, theatres were periodically closed during times of crisis. But they always reopened, with a spirit of renewal and celebration. We shall do the same.

Yours, more than ever, on the shared journey,


Thank you to our Phoenixes!

The Shakespeare Theatre Company would like to thank the following individuals who have played an incredible part in helping us through these difficult times:

Ajay Abraham
Donald Adams
John Affleck
Tracy Allen
Leah April
Eliza Auckerman
Lynn Baker
Amanda Batts
Nancy Beckley
Lida Beninson
Michael Beriss and Jean Carlson
Judith Berland
Deborah Berlyne
Jenell Biggs
Nancy Billig
Melissa Bishop
Anita Bizzotto
Caitlin Blair
Colleen Boby
Richard and Eugenia Bodnar
Anne Broker
Kathleen Brown
Donald Brown
Kalyn Bruin
Sarah Buescher
Antoinette Burnham
Martha Burns
Madeline C. Nelson
Judy Cantrell
Nicholas J. Carrera
Kristen Caruana
Mary Caufield
Natalie Champ
Samantha Chapman
Irwin Chapman
Alexander Cherry
John Chester
Janice Childress
Joan Churchill
Donald Clarke
Diane Coburn Bruning
Anna Cochrane
Nadine Cohodas
Wayne Coleman
Thomas Collins
Tiffany Conway
Rhonda Craig
Daniel and Audrey Crane-Hirsch
Michelle Crawford
Remmel Dickinson
Beverly Dietz
John Driscoll
Gregory Engel
Sarah Farrell
Jessica Farrell
Lynn Feinberg
Tracy Fisher
Christopher Fitzgerald
Brandon Fortune
Christopher Fowler
Barbara Franklin
Helene Freeman
Pamela Frick
David Frisof
Molly Frost
Katie Fullenkamp 
Mickey Fuson
Natwar Gandhi
Nancy Garruba and Chris Hornig
Irina Geiman
Katherine Gensler
Jillian Gibson
Christine and Jack Giraudo
Lisa Goff
Ariel Gold
Les and Sue Goldman
Karin Goodwin
Paul Gourdin
Brian Graham
Horst Greczmiel
Colin Gross
Paul Guinnessy
Bonnie Hammerschlag
Ashley Hardwick
Harman Family Foundation
Dorothy Harmer
Miriam Harrington
Joseph Harris
Valorie Harrison
Patricia Marby Harrison 
Jaime Hartom
Judith Hautala
Barbara Hayes
Ruth Hazel
Austin and Sara Henry
Mary Hewes
James Hill
Barbara Hindin
Vicki Hodziewich
Sandy Hoffmann
Ilona Hogan
Aimee Hollenhorst
Cheryl Hollins
Mack Holt
Christine Howlett
Samantha Hunter
Bryant Ingram
Maxine Isaacs
Patricia Jackman
Elizabeth Janthey
Brittany Jones
Lisa Kaminsky
Stephanie Kaufman
Richard Kellogg
Kay Kendall
Peter Kenny
Julia Kerr
Rebecca King
Holly Kinnamont
Michael R. Klein and Joan Fabry
John Klenert
Mary Knox
Anne S. Kohn
Michael Kolakowski
Elaine Wolf Komarow
Mary Kralovec
Kathryn Krubsack
Ruth Kurzbauer
Andrew LaFleur
Marcel C. LaFollette and Jeffrey K. Stine
Shaon Lahiri
Joseph and Annette Lang
David Leong
Tanya Lervik
Ezra Leslie
Allendra Letsome
Melinda Levitt
Edward Lincoln
Erin M. Loeliger
J. Kendall Lott
Dorrit Lowsen
Chris MacDougall
Amanda Machen
Janet and Steven Magel
Daniel Magraw
Daniel and Maeva Marcus
John and Liza Marshall
Martin-Diamond Properties
Ron and Terry Martin-Minnich
Melissa Matson
Judith Matz
Robert Mayer
Jeffrey Akman and Steven Mazzola
Kimla McDonald
Jill McGovern
Conor McGovern
Kiki McGrath
Bernard and Mary McKay
Maureen and Michael McMurphy
Christopher Meldrum
Billie Meyer
Eleanor Miller
Shaun Miskell
Mary Eugenia and Theodore Myer
Brandon Nedwek
Catherine Nellist
Louisa Newlin
Catherine and David Nielsen
Alex Nowicki
Barbara O’Grady
Marilyn O’Brien
Donald O’Hara
Tara Ohrtman
Karin Old
Seth Oppenheim
Rebecca Owen
Alan and Marsha Paller
Elizabeth Parisi
Deborah Payne
Kathleen Peyman
Rocky Piaggione
Lisa Polisar
Patricia Pollitzer
Chris Powers
Synina Pugh
Lynn Putney
Eden Rafshoon
Sharon Rennert
Joseph Reynolds
Peter Rosenstein
John Rothman 
Kiera Rudden-Flanagan
Adam Rupe
Anca Bogdana Rusu
Cathryn Sacra
Amy Sands
Mimi Saunders
Christine Schmidt
Margot Schwadron
Carl and Elizabeth Seastrum
Judith Seiden
Eric Selk
Kathy Sheehan
Susan Sherwin
Laura Shuey-Kostelac
Mary C. Sies
Zack Powell and Joe Smelser
Nelson Smith
Judith Smith
Steven Smith
Steve Sockwell
Sandi Soliday
Cindy Soliday
Sandra Spence
Andaiye Spencer
JoAnn L. Spencer
Jamal Spencer
Anne Sperling
Gene Sperling
Susan Squires
Cecile Srodes
William Stein
John and Meg Symington
Ella Tarczy
Paula Thiede
Allen Thomas
Steven and Alison Thompson
Nancy Ticknor
Alice Tracy
Lorijean Turner
Sara Tussey
Susan and Melvin Urofsky
Tessa van der Willigen and Jonathan Walters
Lyman Van Nostrand
Helen Van Ryzin
Sherrell Varner
Bridgette Walsh
Roland Weiss
Barbara Wells
Edward Wendel
Alison Westfall
Mark Westman
Carolyn Wheeler
Molly Wilder
Jeffrey Wilder
Gregory Williams
Jean Williams
Laura Willumsen
Cynthia Wimer
Sandra Wixon
Jim and Gail Wofford
Elissa Wolf
Andrea Wood
Michelle Yang
Frank Yonkof
Suzanne and Glenn Youngkin
Roya Zarrinnahad
Elizabeth Zerby
Margot Zimmerman

In addition to the wonderful friends above, STC would like to thank the many donors who wish to be anonymous and supporters who have helped STC survive by donating their tickets back from cancelled or postponed performances. Thank you so much to everyone!

Add your name to this list by making a gift to the Phoenix Fund here.

This list is current as of March 31, 2020. If you would like to update your listing, please contact