C.S. Lewis Onstage:<br />The Most Reluctant Convert

C.S. Lewis Onstage:
The Most Reluctant Convert

After sold-out performances in Chicago and New York, awarding-winning actor Max McLean brings his acclaimed portrayal of C.S. Lewis back to D.C.

McLean brings to life one of the most engaging personalities of our age and takes audiences on Lewis’ fascinating theatrical journey from vigorous debunker of faith to one of the most vibrant and influential Christian intellectuals of the 20th century. TheaterMania says McLean delivers an “Uncannily Spot-on Performance!” The Chicago Sun-Times calls it “Bristling, Provocative, Highly Entertaining and Highly Recommended!” And The Weekly Standard writes “C.S. Lewis Onstage delivers something truly novel in modern theater: a story about an immensely creative mind arriving at the threshold of faith… a truthful, richly textured and witty account of religious conversion.”