Prosecco, champagne’s Mediterranean cousin, is a refreshing sparkling wine made primarily in the Italian Veneto region (the same region that Padua is in—as if we needed an excuse to enjoy a glass or three). Delicious on its own, prosecco adds a sweet and happy fizz to cocktails. Learn to make (and taste!) prosecco cocktails featuring Ruffino wines, so that you can turn your studio apartment into a studio appartamento with the pop of a cork.

Workshop: $20
(Includes: guided tasting of prosecco and sparkling rosé, and a tasting and demonstration of two prosecco-based cocktails.)

About your host:
The Italian Way For more than 130 years, Ruffino has been celebrating the enjoyment of the Italian lifestyle, producing the highest-quality wines for diverse palates. Classic wines such as Riserva Ducale have a style that has been the benchmark of Italy for many years, earthy, terroir-driven, high in acidity, and restrained. In other words, wines that are made to accompany food perfectly. Ruffino also produces a more modern range of innovative wines from Tuscany, such as Modus, that have more robust ripeness, more fruit, and lower acid, as well as more modern style wines from other regions of Italy, including Lumina Pinot Grigio and Prosecco. Ruffino’s Estate philosophy is aimed at achieving top-quality wines through the careful selection of vineyards, grape varieties, soil, and modern cellar techniques, combined with vast experience. Ruffino considers elegance, balance, and drinkability the most important characteristics in our wines. We try to express the best qualities from every grape we cultivate in our vineyards.

Tasting and Demonstration: Prosecco Cocktails