The Oresteia 18-19

The Oresteia 18-19

Through ten years of war, grief and rage, Queen Clytemnestra lies in wait for her husband Agamemnon’s return, determined to avenge one child, only to doom the others. The sole surviving trilogy in Greek tragedy, The Oresteia chronicles a deluge of violence that can only be stopped when society peers into its own soul and sees the depths of its complicity. Playwright Ellen McLaughlin (The Persians) has written a new play based on the classic, commissioned by STC. Her work, three years in the making, weaves together the stories of Aeschylus with stunning poetry and emotional heft. An epic, world-premiere interpretation of this pillar of western culture, The Oresteia makes a fitting end to Michael Kahn’s tenure as Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

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“★★★★★…breathtaking, deeply satisfying…this is Kahn in greatest communion with his art, his voice visceral and unwavering, and it is a profound note upon which to take his leave.” –Metro Weekly

“★★★★★…the language is stark and rich with the poetic alchemy of ancient Greek. The way McLaughlin’s words sound in your ears and are beautifully spoken by the actors is ambrosia.” –DC Theatre Scene

“HEART-STOPPING…Kahn’s production, marked by the dynamic portrayals of Rad Pereira as Electra, Josiah Bania as Orestes and particularly Kelley Curran as vengeance-obsessed Clytemnestra, preserves the spare, feral authority of the text even as it puts a modern sheen on the story’s outcome.” –The Washington Post

“POWERFUL…Michael Kahn’s final masterpiece as Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.” –K Street Magazine

“A POWERFUL, EVOCATIVE update from playwright Ellen McLaughlin.” –Brightest Young Things

“EPIC…the acting is incredible across the board.” –The Georgetown Dish

“A TRIUMPH…a powerful interrogation of violence, revenge, blame, and justice told with great skill.” –Two Hours’ Traffic

“STUNNING…an emotional, sympathetic performance that rings with a relevance to our lives today.” –BroadwayWorld

“SHOCKINGLY RELEVANT…leaves audiences catching their breath.” –MD Theatre Guide

“★★★★★…The Oresteia is one of the singular best instances of ancient Greek drama brought flawlessly and effortless into a contemporary context without sacrificing the nature of its design.” –Theatre Bloom

“MESMERIZING…Kelley Curran is a commanding presence.” –Talkin’ Broadway

“The McLaughlin/Kahn collaboration DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.” –DC Metro Theater Arts

“VISUALLY STUNNING…it delivers messages about revenge and justice that ring as true today as they must have nearly 2,500 years ago.” –CurtainUp