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Students in Guadalajara, Mexico participating in a Shakespeare’s Villains workshops.

Now in-person and virtual

Our School Workshops bring an STC Teaching Artist to your classroom to engage students in the exploration of Shakespeare’s text, other classical works, or specific subjects and themes—all through performance!

Workshops can also be tailored to address specific themes or topics such as social justice, mental health awareness, and well-being, etc.

See our brochure here. 

We offer 1-, 3- ,or 5-day Workshops on the following topics:

Workshops for Shakespeare's Plays – Explore the World of The Play, Language, Acting, Design, and Performance – all customized for the play of your choice.

Workshops for the Classics -- Complement the study of a classical work with performance-based activities.

Workshops for Learning -- Use Shakespeare and theatre-based activities to address topics such as emotional wellbeing, social themes, learning loss, and skill building.

Workshops for Shakespeare's Plays

Customized for the play of your choice.  

The World of the Play
Explore the plot, characters, and themes of the play while making personal connections to the material. 

Performing Shakespeare’s Language
Investigate how Shakespeare uses language to tell stories and create characters by demystifying verse, prose, operative words, and iambic pentameter.

Acting and Scene Study
Practice classical acting techniques to activate heightened language and make bold, expressive acting choices individually and in collaboration with peers. 

Create visuals of the World of the Play using various approaches and informed by unique interpretations of the text. 

Rehearsal and Performance
Collaborate as an ensemble and with the Teaching Artist as director to put all the pieces together in a culminating classroom performance. 

NEW! Shakespeare’s Villains Workshop
Includes access to the recording of All The Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain and programming led by an STC Teaching Artist. We offer 1–, 3–, or 5–day workshops centered on the performance and the exploration of Shakespeare’s Villains through a contemporary lens. 

About the Show
Macbeth. Iago. Claudius. STC Affiliated Artist Patrick Page invites you to experience the evolution of evil in Shakespeare’s villains—from rogues and cutthroats to tyrants and sociopaths. A Tony Award nominee for his “electrifyingly maleficent Hades” in Hadestown (The New York Times) and lovingly nicknamed “The Villain of Broadway” (Playbill) for his delicious Broadway performances, Patrick Page explores how Shakespeare created the treacherous characters we all love to hate. The production runs approximately 80 minutes. 

Workshops for the Classics

Complement the study of a classical work with performance-based activities. Entirely customizable based on the work of choice.

Are you studying a work that uses the past to explain the present? Incorporate acting, design, playwriting, etc. into your lesson plan to help students activate the text and draw personal connections.

Workshops for Learning

Workshops that use Shakespeare and theatre-based activities to address the following:

  • Skills building and development
  • Emotional well-being
  • Learning loss
  • Social themes and issues
  • Any subject or topic you find appropriate.
FOR TEACHERS: Professional Development
We are pleased to offer professional development component for teachers and administrations to help fulfill training goals and requirements. Are you interested in using theatre activities to help with teamwork, communication, and/or integrating performance-based elements into your curriculum? We’re here to help!

Email evalerio@shakespearetheatre.org for more information and for pricing.

Pricing Per Workshop

  • Title I Schools -- $125
  • Public and Charter Schools -- $150
  • Private Schools -- $175
Workshops are designed to last 1 hour for a group of up to 30 students.