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Over the course of ten sessions, students explore plays covering the wide range of Shakespeare’s canon, other classics, and works that use the past to help process, explain, and cope with the present—putting the classics into action. 

Open to Middle and High School English and Theatre classrooms.
The Experience: Ten Classrooms, Ten Workshops, One Semester 

In both the Fall and Spring semesters, ten classrooms (one from each school) will work with STC Teaching Artists on acting, language, and design with As You Like It in the Fall or Macbeth in the Spring as the foundation. 

Each of the ten workshops will be student-centered and provide participants with the opportunity to draw personal connections, integrate elements of current cultural and social events, and take ownership of the experience. 

In an effort to bring STC’s full season into the Residency curriculum, students will briefly explore the other productions presented during their semester alongside As You Like It and Macbeth.

NEW! Festival Day at STC
The Residency culminates in a performance project that showcases what students have learned and gained from the experience. Each school group will have the opportunity to share their showcase onstage at STC and invite their families to attend. The Residency Festival Day will feature student performances, lobby displays of student work, and opportunities for schools to engage with the larger STC community. Students will also be given access to tickets to attend As You Like It or Macbeth. 
Want to see the Residency in action? 
Check out the recent "Get Uplifted" segment on WUSA9 featuring Thurgood Marshall Academy's drama class performing Richard III at STC.


Fall: Adapting Shakespeare with AS YOU LIKE IT

STC’s Fall season features a selection of diverse works that involve storytelling through music. At the core of the Residency experience will be a new production of As You Like It set in the 1960s that blends Shakespeare’s text with the music of The Beatles. Through the Residency experience, students will explore the art of adaptation to create bold and illuminating interpretations of Shakespeare’s work. Students will also briefly explore Evita, a musical about Eva Perón’s meteoric rise to First Lady of Argentina, and Macbeth in Stride, an original piece that uses various music genres and Shakespeare’s most iconic characters to examine what it means to be an ambitious Black woman, as examples to further guide their adaptation journeys. 

Spring: Shakespeare and Power through MACBETH

STC’s Spring season features the rise and fall of iconic, ambitious characters in search of power. With Macbeth as the focal point of the Residency experience, students will examine the role of power to draw parallels between stories of the past and our modern world. Students will have as further examples The Lehman Trilogy, a piece that examines the double-edged sword of capitalism and personal choices that created the largest financial crisis in U.S. history so far, and The Matchbox Magic Flute, a brand new theatrical adaptation of Mozart’s beloved opera about the battle between good and evil in the world.  

Deadlines to Apply

Fall Residency: September 1, 2023

Spring Residency: February 1, 2024


What is the cost of this program? 
There is no cost to participate in the Residency thanks to the support of our generous program sponsors.  

I teach multiple classes; can they all participate? 
To make the Residency accessible to as many schools as possible, we are only able to accommodate one classroom per school per semester. 

Will students have to read the plays or attend all the shows being explored? 
No. Students are certainly welcome to read the plays, but it is not required to participate in the program. If students are interested in attending a performance of the other shows presented in the season (Evita, Macbeth in Stride, The Lehman Trilogy, and The Matchbox Magic Flute), STC can provide discounted tickets.  

When will the Festival Day take place?
The Festival Day at STC will take place on Monday, December 11, 2023, for the Fall semester and in April/May for the Spring. Activities will take place during the school day to facilitate the field trip process.  

Will STC provide transportation to the theatre for the Festival Day?
We will provide bus transportation to and from STC for the Festival Day for Title I Schools participating in the Residency.  

What options do students have to attend a performance of As You Like It or Macbeth
Students will be provided with a discount code to return to the theatre to see a regular performance of As You Like It or Macbeth. If you would like to bring your students to a student matinee of either production, you may also do so. More information on Matinees, including dates and pricing, can be found here.