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SHAKESPEARIENCE application form

(public school version)

Teacher’s Name:
School Email:
Personal Email:
Administrative Assistant:
Admin Asst.Email:
School Address:
Grade Level:
Personal Address:
Contact phone:
School phone:
Fax number:
Preferred contact method:
Number of student seats:
Number of chaperone seats:

Please note:
there must be at least one chaperone for every 15 students, and everyone attending—teachers, parents, bus drivers—must have a ticket.
You must have a group of 10 or more in order to participate in SHAKESPEARIENCE.

Does anyone in your group need assistance or special accommodation?
Please describe below:

The Plays: please select a first and second choice date.
First Choice
Second Choice

Please answer the following questions:
How will you incorporate SHAKESPEARIENCE into your curriculum? Will your students be reading the play?

Has your school attended a SHAKESPEARIENCE Student Matinee? If so, please list the most recent.

In what District or County is your school located?

I have read and understand the SHAKESPEARIENCE Student Matinee policies

Want more? Visit the online publication of the shakespeare theatre company!
Want more? Visit our online publication!

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