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Once Upon a One More Time is available RIGHT NOW in 3-, 4-, and 5-play subscriptions.
Single tickets will go on sale late summer.

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Thursdays, November 2 through December 14, 2017 (No class on Thanksgiving, November 23)

Instructor: Tonya Beckman

Prior experience: Not required

Explore the integration of voice and language while deepening your understanding of the creative power of your own voice. Through a broad range of exercises, students will explore the complex links between breath, thought, emotion, voice, and language, while increasing their ability to utilize safely and effectively an expressive, powerful, and fully embodied voice either onstage or in daily life.

Tonya Beckman, Teaching Artist
Years with STC: 3
Last Seen In: FICKLE at Olney Theatre
Best Exercise We Do in Class:All the resonance exercises get the room buzzing with sound in a really awesome way.”

From the Syllabus:
Class 1:            RELAXATION exercises; Text Practice – releasing tension
Class 2:            BREATH exercises; Text Practice – breathing
Class 3:            VIBRATION / AMPLIFICATION exercises; Text Practice – staying on voice,                                  focal point/projection
Class 4:            CHANNEL & RESONANCE exercises; Text Practice – Dropping In exercise
Class 5:            ARTICULATION exercises; Text Practice – Diction
Class 6:            FINAL TEXT EXPLORATION; Vocal Health

Voice and Speech

Nov 2 - Dec 14

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