Wednesdays, June 17 through July 22
Instructor: LeeAnet Noble
Prior experience: Not required
Explore the integration of voice and language while deepening your understanding of the creative power of your own voice. Through a broad range of exercises, students will explore the complex links between breath, thought, emotion, voice, and language, while increasing their ability to utilize safely and effectively an expressive, powerful, and fully embodied voice either onstage or in daily life.

LeeAnet Noble, Actor/Director
Last Seen In: In my Shoes (original one woman show at 54Below in NYC), From Jail to Yale (Goneril and Lady Anne), Disney’s Lion King Experience series
Has Worked With: Charles S. Dutton (Emmy-winning actor and director), Charlotte Moore (Artistic Director Irish Repertory Theatre (Off-Broadway)), Tamilla Woodard (Associate Director of Hadestown on Broadway)
Why I Teach: “I love to share the release that artistic expression provides.
From the Syllabus:

Week One: Physical and Vocal warm-ups; Self-Assessment
Week Two: Exploring Breath, Voice and Movement; Resonance
Week Three: Vocal Range and Dynamics
Week Four: Enunciation
Week Five: Scoring Your Text, Practice Session, One-on-Ones
Week Six: Vocal Health; One-on-Ones


June 17 - July 22

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