Tuesdays, March 16 through April 20

Instructor: Colleen Kennedy
Prior Experience: Not required

Discover how Elizabethan life and culture informed Renaissance stage conventions. Consider the impact Renaissance creative processes of playwriting, acting, designing, and staging a play had on how we understand Shakespeare’s works today. Explore how Shakespeare’s plays continue to inform our cultural imagination of the past while learning about original pronunciation, using players’ parts (or cue scripts), uncovering implicit and embedded stage directions, Elizabethan audience interaction, the “two-hours traffic” approach, and casting with doubling.

Colleen Kennedy, STC Publicist
Training: PhD in English and Theatre from Ohio State University, studied under Royal Shakespeare Company’s Stand-Up for Shakespeare program, former freelance dramaturg
From the Syllabus:
Course Objectives: Participants will…

  • Learn about Renaissance stage conventions and how they impact analyzing Shakespearean plays
  • Read Shakespeare’s plays closely and methodically
  • Explore monologues and scenes to understand Shakespeare’s plays

What Students Say: “Colleen was very knowledgeable and her expertise is greatly appreciated. She created a fun and positive learning environment. She made learning Shakespeare exciting and I now see scripts in a different way.”


March 16–April 20

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