Revenge Tragedies: A Study of a Renaissance Genre
Mondays, November 2 through December 7

Instructor: Colleen Kennedy
Prior Experience: None
Is revenge a dish best served cold? Study the evolution of the revenge tragedy, reading closely and critically for common qualities and formal conventions, as well as stylistic and theatrical innovations. Potential plays discussed include Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Titus Andronicus, Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy, Chettle’s The Tragedy of Hoffman, and Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy.

Colleen Kennedy, STC Publicist
Training: Ph.D. in English and Theatre from Ohio State University, studied under Royal Shakespeare Company’s Stand-Up for Shakespeare program, former freelance dramaturg

What Students Say: “Dr. Kennedy was wonderful, very helpful, and attentive. She was amazing and I would definitely take another STC class if she were to teach more!”

“Colleen was very knowledgeable and her expertise is greatly appreciated. She created a fun and positive learning environment. She made learning Shakespeare exciting and I now see scripts in a different way.”


November 2–December 7

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