Wednesdays, January 27 through March 3

Instructor: Brent Stansell
Prior Experience: Not required

Have you ever been curious about the work of a Dramaturg? This class will give you the opportunity to explore the many ways a Dramaturg contributes to theatrical productions. Learn from a professional dramaturg how to approach everything from Shakespeare to working with a playwright on a new play. No prior dramaturgy experience required.

Brent Stansell, STC Associate Director of Education and Training
Years with STC: 11
Dramaturgy Credits: Round House Theatre, Rorschach Theatre, Forum Theatre
Teaching Resume: The Catholic University of America, The George Washington University, American University, Folger Theatre
Why I Teach: “Dramaturgy is a set of skills more than a specific discipline, so I found it very fulfilling to introduce students to a set of skills that can be applied across theatre disciplines as well as in life.”

From the Syllabus:

Course Objectives: Participants will be able to…

  • NAME the basic research areas of production and new play dramaturgy
  • DEFINE and EXPLAIN dramaturgy and its significance, articulate others’ definitions, and ultimately find a definition for themselves.
  • UNDERSTAND multiple approaches and theatrical theories available to ANALYZE a work of dramatic literature.
  • PRESENT in-depth, engaging, and relevant research in order to SYNTHESIZE that research to make informed, creative artistic choices
  • COLLABORATE with others to CREATE an original approach to a work of dramatic literature


January 27–March 3

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