Tuesdays, May 4 through June 8

Instructor: Jeff Allen Young
Prior Experience: Not required

Practice the basic skills required to be an actor. Begin your journey with an exploration of the actor’s vocal, physical, and psychological instrument while building skills and creating characters with fun exercises online.

Jeff Allen Young, STC Teaching Artist
Last Seen In at STC: Hamlet
Last Seen on Screen: Sacco for The 48 Hour Film Project
Why I Teach: I believe many of my successes, both as an artist and a person, are directly connected to the people who took time to teach me what they knew. It fills me with joy and honor to do the same for my students.”
Favorite Exercise in Class: The Empathy Workshop—Students sit across from an acting partner, and visualize them as different characters. The activity is silent. Students do their best to maintain eye contact, as I walk them through various prompts.
What Students Are Saying: “Jeff did a wonderful job making me feel welcome. He created a positive environment for learning/exploring/creating.”
From the Syllabus:

Participants will…

  • Work on assigned exercises, including observations and reflections, improvisations, character work, voice and movement techniques, and scene work (pulled from a variety of sources and methods).
  • Learn how to actively observe the world we live in and honestly respond to stimuli.
  • Analyze a text using an understanding of action and objective.
  • Develop a physical instrument, becoming more aware of their bodies and voices.
  • Take bold and creative risks.
  • Participate in a rehearsal process culminating in a performance.


May 4–June 8

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