Cat Submissions for STC’s THE COLLECTION

Shakespeare Theatre Company seeks a live cat for The Collection, one of the plays in our upcoming “double bill” of Harold Pinter pieces.

The cat is scripted to be a white Persian kitten, so that is the ideal. Even if it does not necessarily look exactly as described, so long as it is a small cat, we would still be interested to hear about him/her.

The cat does not need to come on command or do any tricks, but needless to say it should be a cat that is very calm and social, and can both sit still and be held contently.

The cat’s guardian would need to be willing to bring the cat to every performance—and bring it home after each one—including the possible extension weeks. A rehearsal and performance calendar is below. Please note there are a couple of weekday matinees during the run. It is possible we could consider an alternating schedule of 2 cats, but right now we would be looking for a cat and guardian who could commit to the full run. The cat would also need to be present for parts of tech, and possibly a couple visits earlier to acclimate the cat to its “castmates.” This would be a paid position.

If your cat would be “purr-fect” for this, please complete the questionnaire below so that we can learn more about you and your cat!

Having trouble reading the images? Download a pdf of the schedule.