A SET above the rest.

School for Lies augmented reality using Zappar app

An interactive lobby display.

The School for Lies Set Designer Alexander Dodge pulled inspiration from multiple modern and contemporary art pieces and movements to color David Ives’s fantastical world.

We’ve set up a display in the Lansburgh lobby where, using augmented reality through your smartphone, you can learn more about these special set pieces.

The School for Lies augmented reality lobby display using the Zappar app

Set model courtesy of Alexander Dodge.

While you’re visiting, also check out the set model!

Before you attend, download the Zappar app using the links below.

Google Play

Point the app’s camera at the lobby poster to start exploring!



The School for Lies is now playing through July 9, 2017. Learn more and order today.

(Set rendering and set model courtesy of Alexander Dodge.)