An Inspector Calls at the Playhouse Theatre, Photo by Mark Douet.


An Inspector Calls at the Playhouse Theatre by Mark Douet.


Artistic Director Simon Godwin
Interim Executive Director Susie Medak
Executive Assistant Julie Rose


Senior Director of Administration James Roemer
General Manager Max Schwager
Associate General Manager Cameron Appel
Company Manager Steven Breiter
Assistant Company Manager Kayla McGallian
Director of Human Resources Lindsey Morris
Human Resources and IT Specialist Ryn Weil
Senior Staff Accountant Marco Dimuzio
Staff Accountant Robert States
Director of Operations Timothy Fowler
Theatre Building Engineer Sun King Davis
Facilities Custodian Jorge Ramos Lima
Custodians Dennis Fuller, Mirna Guzman Diaz, Wilfredo Guzman-Varela
Theatre Monitors Milton Garcia, Tristian Lee, Jeffrey Whitlow
Director of Information Technology Brian McCloskey
Systems Administrator David Harvey
Database Administrator Brian Grundstrom
Operations and IT Coordinator Travis Olidge


Director of Equity & Belonging LeeAnét Noble
Head of Voice and Text Lisa Beley
Associate Director Drew Lichtenberg
Resident Casting Director Danica Rodriguez
Associate Director Whitney White
Associate Director – Literary Soyica Colbert


Senior Director of Development Laura Willumsen
Associate Director of Development, Individual Giving Joanna Barnhouse
Assistant Director of Individual Giving Olivia Ferrer
Donor Relations Manager Sarah Counts
Director of Corporate and Government Relations Shelagh Grimshaw
Director of Foundation and Government Giving Rachel Frank
Director of Development Operations Gregory Pressey
Director of Events and Donor Engagement April Powell Harris
Development Events Manager Cierra Culbertson


Senior Director of Learning Samantha Wyer Bello
Associate Director of Learning Julane Havens
School Programs Manager Eliseo Valerio
Learning Programs Manager Raine Ensign
Learning Coordinator Saron Araia
Teaching Artists in Residence Saron Araia, Matthew Castleman, Matthew Crawford, Emily Erickson, Melissa Richardson, Deidre Robinson, Travis Xavier
Affiliated Teaching Artists Laura Artesi, Renea Brown, Ashley Buster, Danny Cackley, Dan Crane, Maria del Mar Rodriguez, Bowen Fox, Emily Gardner, Nicholas Gerwitz, Hannah Hessel Ratner, Jennifer Jacobs, Max Johnson, Hester Kamin, James Carlos Lacey, Brenna McDonough, Gil Mitchell, Ryan Neely, Jule Nelson-Duac, Nancy Robinette, Gabriel Rodriguez, Mallory Shear, Taylor Stevens, Stephanie Vickers, Nathan Whitmer, Patricia Woolsey

Marketing and Communications

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications Neal Racioppo
Associate Director of Marketing April Angilletta
Marketing Manager Clarissa Shirley
Associate Director of Communications Lillian Bautista
Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jordan Brown
Publicist Heather C. Jackson
Graphic Designer Erin Bruns
Video and Content Creator Demi Kendros
Director of Audience Services Carian Parker
Box Office Manager Eric McCladdie
Assistant Box Office Manager Jade Campbell
Sales Specialist Shay Thomas
Box Office Sales Associates Alec Anderson, Quintin Cary, Julia Cox, Christopher Hunt, Jessica Kaplan, Justine Morris, Lauren Riojas, Gill Rydholm
Front of House Manager Tamisha Ottley
Assistant Front of House Manager Maureen McNary
Assistant House Managers Emma Asiano, Angell Chiles, Katie Fitz, Kelly Hutchison, Pamela Jafari, Lauren Layton, Llogan Peters, Sara Severens, Marie Riley, Audrey Straw, Mackenzie Tyler, Alexandra Weisberg, Meaghan Yesford
Interim Retail and Concessions Manager Jule Nelson-Dubac
Retail and Concessions Attendants Elizabeth Ainger, Henry Cox, Madalaina D’Angelo, Nicholas Gerwitz, Claire Inie-Richards, Lily Komarow, Alfonso Morales Escobar, Chris Pearson, Elena Robertson, Kara Sparling, Taylor Stevens, Laura Toth, Charlie Van Kirk, Samantha Winters


Senior Director of Production Joseph Smelser
Production Manager Janice Jenson
Assistant Production Manager Hilary Surface
Production Administrator Heather Ogden
Resident Production Stage Manager Laura Smith
Interim Costume Director Jeanette Lee Porter
Costume Shop Floor Manager Anthony Fiore
Draper Randall Exton
First Hand Sandra Thomas
Stitchers Michele Ordway, Donna Sachs
Wardrobe Supervisors Jules Capuco, Daisy Howard
Technical Director Kelly Dunnavant
Assistant Technical Director Elizabeth R. Ahles
Scene Shop Administrator Mimi Wang
Master Carpenter Eric McMorris
Scenic Carpenters Justin Carnes, Thomas Kelleher
Charge Scenic Artist Sally Glass
Scenic Artist Molly Hall
Properties Director Chris Young
Assistant Properties Director Kimberley E. Cruce
Soft Goods Artisan Rebecca Williams
Properties Artisan Justin Titley
Master Electrician Sean R. McCarthy
Assistant Master Electrician Erin Sullivan
Electrician Peter Goldschmidt
Audio/Video and Stage Operations Supervisor Gordon Nimmo-Smith
Assistant Audio/Video Supervisor Iona Tangri
Audio/Video Engineers Di Carey, Allison Pearson
Assistant Stage Operations Supervisors Robert Garner, Rachel Wolf
Deck Chiefs Amy Bowman, Niki Sears
Run Crew Craig Gatling, Will Maresco

STC Academy

Senior Director of STC Academy Alec Wild
Academy Coordinator Madeline Caldis
Academy Faculty Moimusa Ahmadu, Lisa Beley, Christopher Cherry, Dody DiSanto, Ed Gero, Robb Hunter, Leslie Jacobson, Emma Jaster, Lisae Jordan, Bess Kaye, LeeAnet Noble, Craig Wallace