Backstage Tours

Is the green room really green? Where do the actors go between their entrances and exits? These answers and more interesting secrets are revealed during backstage tours of Sidney Harman Hall.

Tours are available for groups of 10 or more for a small fee. Lasting approximately one hour, the tour winds through the building, illuminating the space from audience, actor and behind-the-scenes points of view. The tour includes anecdotes from 25 years of STC productions and a stop at the famous Elvis shrine. Attendees will never see the theatre quite the same way again.

To arrange a tour for your group of 10 or more, call the STC Education Department at 202.547.5688.

Want a VIP experience? Exclusive backstage tours with STC Production Staff are a benefit of Artistic Circle Membership. There is no minimum group number, and fees are not charged for your tour. For more information, call Donor Services at 202.547.1122, option 7, or see a list of Membership benefits.