The Way of the World
Season 08-09 Season


“Hilarious … Cox brings the fluttering, mercurial Millamant to life in a comic tour de force.”

“Just plain fun… Under Kahn’s self-confident, up-tempo direction, it is an inspired poke in the ribs at the rich from start to finish.  The pacing is an express train; the comic sensibility delicious.”
  -Potomac Stages

“Immaculate … zings with the rhythms of classical screwball comedy.”
  -Washington Times

“Kahn’s production has a light touch and a grand look [with] many an archly appetizing comic situation to distract audiences from the unappetizing, unfunny direness of their own.”
  -Washington City Paper

Four Stars  A funny and almost impossibly complex scramble of double-dealing, shady alliances and adulterous affairs.  Step away from the television and check in with the original gossip girls... You won’t regret it.”
  -Metro Weekly

“Kahn has put together a seasoned cast … the laughs begin to come in earnest.  Most rewardingly Cox and Innvar have returned to play Millamant and Mirabell, the sharp romantic duelists.”
 -Washington Post

“Some of the best actors in Washington – Long, Robinette, Shiffman, King, Delaney and the rest – find not only the truth but the wit of this material.”
 -DC Theatre Scene

"Frisky and funny … a high-spirited romp of manners, infidelity, rivalries, courtship and marriage."
  -Marilou Donahue, Artistically Speaking

The production is a perfect example of why Washington is lucky to have Michael Kahn and his sublime cast of regulars and talented imports interpreting the classics. Believe me, despite Congreve’s genius, in lesser hands “The Way of the World” is not the funny, fast-paced, relevant treat that we have here.
  -Washington Blade



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