Twelfth Night
Season 08-09 Season

What Critics Have Said

“The problem of life as Shakespeare saw it, and reveals to us in this play, is basic: it is the conflict in human nature between the reason and the emotions; and he suggests that the solution lies not in the exclusion of the one or the other, but in the union of the two.”
   Morris Tilley. The Organic Unity of “Twelfth Night.” 1914.

“Every character has his mask, for the assumption of the play is that no one is without a mask in the serio-comic business of the pursuit of happiness. As a general rule, we laugh with the characters who know the role they are playing and we laugh at those who do not; we can crudely divide the cast of Twelfth Night into those two categories.”
   Joseph H. Summers. The Masks of Twelfth Night. 1955.



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