The Way of the World
Season 08-09 Season

What Critics Have Said

The Way of the World is the best-written, the most dazzling, the most intellectually accomplished of all English comedies, perhaps of all the comedies of the world.”
 Edmund Gosse. The Life of William Congreve. 1888.
“He set upon the boards a set of men and women of quick brains and cynical humors, who talked with the brilliance and rapidity wherewith the finished swordsman fences.”
 Charles Whibley. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature. 1912.

“There is no sparring here for its own sake, no witty jousting for position; instead, a sparkling framework of wit is used to express very precisely the terms and conditions under which Millamant is prepared to share her life with Mirabell. This was a completely new conception of wit that brought it right up against the demands of real life. Congreve was breaking new ground here and he knew it.”
 David Thomas. William Congreve. 1992.



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