Romeo and Juliet
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A brawl breaks out in the streets of Verona between the feuding houses of Montague and Capulet. The Prince breaks up the fight, announcing that he will punish another such disturbance with death. Romeo, Lord Montague’s love-sick son, arrives to tell his cousin Benvolio of his infatuation with the beautiful Rosaline.

Lord Capulet discusses a marriage between his young daughter Juliet and Count Paris. Capulet invites Paris to a party he is throwing that evening and sends his servant with a list of guests to invite. The illiterate servant asks Romeo for help reading the list, and Romeo decides to attend the party in disguise when he learns that Rosaline will be there. When he arrives, however, Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love with her. Only later do they learn that they are the children of rival families.

On the way home, Romeo slips away from his friends to search for Juliet. When Juliet comes to her window, she and Romeo confess their love for each other and make plans for a secret marriage. Romeo begs his confidant Friar Lawrence to perform the ceremony, and the Friar agrees in the hope of unifying the feuding families.

After marrying, Romeo and Juliet depart separately to conceal their union. On Romeo’s way home, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, challenges him to a duel; Romeo refuses to fight but cannot yet tell Tybalt why. Romeo’s friend Mercutio takes Tybalt’s challenge, and when Romeo tries to step between them, Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio. Enraged, Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo flees the scene in horror, only to be banished by the Prince in absentia. Juliet’s nurse tells her of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment but agrees to facilitate a meeting for the newlyweds that night.

After spending the night together, Romeo and Juliet part. Because of Tybalt’s sudden death, Juliet’s parents hasten her marriage to Paris. Distraught, she hatches a frantic plan with Friar Lawrence to stop her marriage to Paris. The Friar gives Juliet a potion that will put her into a death-like sleep. Thinking her dead, her family will bury her body in the Capulet tomb. In the meantime, Friar Lawrence will send word to Romeo to return and take Juliet away.

The next morning, the nurse finds Juliet’s seemingly lifeless body. The guests arriving for Juliet’s marriage to Paris instead mourn her death and prepare her for burial.
Romeo, now in exile in Mantua, hears of Juliet’s death but does not receive the Friar’s letter detailing the plot. Romeo buys a deadly poison and arrives at Juliet’s tomb, where he finds Paris mourning her. Paris provokes Romeo and dies in the ensuing fight. Romeo goes to Juliet’s side, drinks the poison and dies. Juliet wakes to find Romeo dead beside her and refuses a horrified Friar Lawrence’s offer of escape. The Friar flees and Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger.

After discovering the bodies, Capulet and Montague agree to end their bloody feud and erect statues in honor of their children.




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