Romeo and Juliet
Season 08-09 Season

What Critics Have Said

Romeo and Juliet is a picture of love and its pitiable fate, in a world whose atmosphere is too sharp for this the tenderest blossom of human life.”
August Wilhelm Schlegel. A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. 1811.
“The world of Romeo and Juliet is one in which youth is born into evil and must struggle against it ceaselessly until the conflict is ended by inevitable death. But Shakespeare’s tragic vision is not one of resignation or despair; it is one of defiance and hope, of pride in those qualities of man that enable him to survive and achieve victory in such a world.”
Irving Ribner. ‘Then I denie you starres’; a Reading of “Romeo and Juliet.” 1959.
“The feud in a realistic social sense is the primary tragic force in the play—not the feud as agent of fate, but the feud as an extreme and peculiar expression of patriarchal society, which Shakespeare shows to be tragically self-destructive. The feud is the deadly rite of passage that promotes masculinity at the price of life.”
Coppélia Kahn. Coming of Age in Verona. 1978.



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