Titus Andronicus
Season 06-07 Season


Edwards succeeds mightily in balancing this parade of Shakespeare offers … she has kept it free of exploitation and excessive prurience and still made it relevant. This Titus is high on action with enough superb displays of choreography and well-rehearsed stage-craft to keep even the YouTube crowd rapt.”
Kate Wingfield, Metro Weekly

“Undeniable visceral power Edwards builds tension to create an overpowering cumulative effect.”
Susan Berlin, Talkin' Broadway

“Roars along like an Orwellian nightmare … There's no denying that the viscera has a visceral impact.
Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper

“Magnificent If you love good theater, this is the play to see. Put it at the top of your list. Sam Tsoutsouvas and Valerie Leonard are spell-binding.”
Marilou Donahue, Artistically Speaking

“Truly inspired … In a show that may have you forgetting to breathe, Peter Macon's portrayal of Aaron dominates. Edwards has grasped the largeness of the evil in human hearts as they spiral downward in the endless quest for vengeance.”
Margaret Lawrence, Culpeper Star Exponent

“Excellent cast an honest and exciting presentation of a powerful play.”
Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Reviews

“Brilliant direction and a fabulous cast of actors”
Rich Massabny, Arlington Weekly News TV



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