The Persians
Season 05-06 Season


Triumphant! Ethan McSweeny packs plenty of spectacle in both the show's physical aspects and the forthright potency of Aeschylus' descriptions of the carnage of war; they contain a harrowing beauty that grips the senses.”
Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times

Compelling! McSweeny, one of the hottest directors to come out of Washington, has successfully merged his original interpretation with an eloquent and understandable translation.”
Garrett Graff, The Washingtonian magazine

Stunning! McSweeny's acutely theatrical take on this 2500-year-old play [is] bolstered by the sinewy elegance of Ellen McLaughlin's translation ... invigorated by several actors of particular finesse.”
Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Unforgettable! Mesmerizing performances by Helen Carey, Scott Parkinson and Ted van Griethuysen make this a unique theatrical experience.”
Faiga Levine, Just Theater

Powerful! A radiant new production … an astonishing work of stylized stagecraft and solemn political discourse. Erin Gann creates hypnotic moments rich with aesthetic poetry.”
Jolene Munch, Metro Weekly

Majestic! McSweeny's breathtaking mounting of The Persians has plenty of theatrical miracles.”
Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper

Dynamic and dazzling! This intense, exciting production keeps you on the edge of your seat and your eyes riveted on the players.”
Marilou Donahue, Artistically Speaking



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