As You Like It
96-97 Season Season

Artistic Team and Cast

Artistic Team

Laurence Boswell Director
Angela Davies Set & Costume Designer
Adam Silverman Lighting Designer
Sara Felder Vocal Consultant
Rick Sordelet Fight Director
Lesa McLaughlin Movement Choreographer
Ethan McSweeney Assistant Director
Martin Lechner Stage Manager
Randy Engels Production Manager
Stuart Howard Casting Director
Amy Schecter Casting Director
Music by Lou Rosen

The Court

Duke Fredrick, Duke Senior's brother
Brett Porter

Celia, his daughter
Kate Forbes

Rosalind, daughter of Duke Senior
Kelly McGillis

Orlando, sons of the late Sir Rowland de Boys
C.J. Wilson

Oliver, sons of the late Sir Rowland de Boys
Andrew Long

Jacques, sons of the late Sir Rowland de Boys
Parker Grant Goodman

Charles, Duke Fredrick's wrestler
Delaney Williams

Le Beau, a courtier attending on Fredrick
Ryan Atrzberger

Touchstone, a Fool at the Duke's court
Robert Sicular

Adam, servant to Oliver
Emery Battis

Dennis, servant to Oliver
Dylan McCullough

First Lord, attending on Duke Fredrick
Mark Heimann

Second Lord, attending on Duke Fredrick
Parker Grant Goodman

Lady in Waiting to Celia
Koranda Banks

Lady in Waiting to Celia
Sarah Schnadig

The Forest

Duke Senior, living in exile
Ted van Griethuysen

Floyd King

Amiens, in exile with the Duke
Clark Scott Carmichael

First Lord
Craig Wallace

Second Lord
Edward Baird Wilford

Corin, shepherd in the Forest of Arden
David Sabin

Silvius, shepherd in the Forest of Arden
Wallace Acton

Phebe, a shepherdess
Opal Alladin

Audrey, a goat-herd
Julie-Ann Elliott

William, a country fellow
Ryan Artzberger

Sir Oliver Martext, vicar of a country parish
Emery Battis

First Page, attending on Duke Senior
Mark Heimann

Second Page, attending on Duke Senior
Charlton James

Ana M. Castrello

Lords, Servants and Foresters played by The Ensemble.

The Ensemble: Koranda Banks, Clark Scott Carmichael, Parker Grant Goodman, Mark Heimann, Charlton James, Dylan M. McCullough, Sarah Schnadig, Jonathon Spottiswoode, Edward Baird Wilford, Delaney Williams.

Understudies: Opal Alladin (Celia), Ryan Artzberger (Orlando), Koranda Banks (Phebe), Emery Battis (Duke Senior), Julie-Ann Elliott (Rosalind), Parker Grant Goodman (Charles, First Lord to Duke Senior), Mark Heimann (Oliver), Charlton James (Silvius, Second Lord to Duke Senior), Larry Lerer (Adam), Andrew Long (Jaques), Dylan M. McCullough (Touchstone, First and Second Lord to Duke Fredrick), Sarah Schnadig (Audrey), Craig Wallace (Duke Fredrick), Edward Baird Wilford (Le Beau, Amiens, William), Delaney Williams (Corin, Sir Oliver Martext), Sean Akil Wingate (Ensemble).



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