All's Well That Ends Well
95-96 Season Season

Artistic Team and Cast

Artistic Team

Laird Williamson

Set and Costume Designer
Andrew V. Yelusich

Lighting Designer
Don Darnutzer

Catherine MacDonald

Vocal Consultant
Sarah Felder

Musical Staging
Karma Camp

Fight Choreographer
Brad Alan Waller

Bertram, Count of Rossillion Paul Michael Valley

The Countess of Rossillion DeAnn Mears

Helena Kelly McGillis

Parolles Philip Goodwin

Lavatch Floyd King

Rynaldo Jason Patrick Bowcutt

Page to Bertram Ben Rolly

The King of France Ted van Griethuysen

Lafew Emery Battis

Armand Dumaine Ron Nagle

Guillaume Dumaine Stevie Ray Dallimore

A Counselor to the King David Sabin

Lords and Suitors to Helena
Elliot Dash
John Pasha
Kit Halliday
Kent Gasser
R. Scott Williams

A French Soldier Wallace Acton

Another Soldier Michael Solomon

The Duke of Florence David Sabin

Widow Capilet Caitlin O'Connell

Diana Carol Halstead

Mariana Grainne Cassidy

Florentine Women
Bodde Bauer
Nanette Savard

Young Bertram
Seth Cohen or Trevor Hackett

Young Helena
Juliana Williams or Nikki Gaetano



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