All's Well That Ends Well
87-88 Season Season

James Irwin, Lighting Designer

James Irwin, production manager for The Shakespeare Theatre and lighting designer for last season's Mandragola, directed by Peter Maloney, is lighting designer for All's Well That Ends Well. Irwin was production manager and resident lighting designer at The Cleveland Play House for seven seasons and during that time designed both scenery and lighting for more than 20 productions including A ... My Name is Alice, the world premiere of Belly In the Beast by Jack Henry Abbott, and assisted Tom Skelton in lighting the premiere production of Lillian starring Zoe Caldwell. An artist in residency at numerous colleges and universities in the past, Irwin is a frequent guest lecturer at Georgetown University and continues his work as a theatre design consultant for rigging systems, having designed over six theatres in his career.

Regarding his upcoming design for All's Well That Ends Well, Irwin says, "My greatest challenge is evoking the diversity of locations and seasons of the play. Through directionality and color, a fundamental change in the feeling and quality of the space will be created, though the actual physical change of space will remain relatively minimal." His efforts will be helped considerably by set designer Russell Metheny's choice of elements used to represent the locations and the use of costume changes throughout the play. Irwin also looks forward to using The Shakespeare Theatre's recently purchased, top-quality computerized lighting system, which will facilitate his control of the lights and assure the lighting quality for all performances.

In looking ahead at All's Well That Ends Well, Irwin comments, "I'm really looking forward to working with Michael as part of his creative team. He has assembled some very talented designers in Russell Metheny and Marty Pakledinaz . . . it promises to be a very challenging and exciting experience."



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