All's Well That Ends Well
87-88 Season Season

Artistic Team and Cast


Michael Kahn

Set Design
Russell Metheny

Costume Design
Martin Pakledinaz

Lighting Design
James Irwin

Roberta Gasbarre

Musical Consultant
Bruce Adolphe

Vocal Consultant
Elizabeth Smith

Stage Manager
Richard Lundy

THE CAST (in order of appearance)


Countess of Rossillion Teresa Wright

Bertram, her son Matt Bradford Sullivan

Helena, her ward Lynn Chausow

Lafew, a lord Emery Battis

Parolles Floyd King

Lavatch, a servant Brian Reddy

Emilia, a cook Marlene Bryan

Isbel, a maid Sally Groth

Other Servants Gene Aimone, Stan Brown


King of France Ted Van Griethuysen

Prime Minister Bill Grimmette

Dumaine the Elder, a lord Edward Gero

Dumaine the Younger, his brother Rafael Ferrer

First Lord Francis Hodgins

Second Lord Richard C. Thompson

Third Lord Stan Brown

Fourth Lord Bob Byrnes

Nurse Sarah Kimball

Maid Susan Velasquez

Ladies at Court Karen Eterovich, Sarah Kimball,
Leah Maddrie, Susan Velasquez

Soldiers Stan Brown, Bob Byrnes, Michael Donahue, T.J. Edwards, Francis Hodgins, Alex Spencer, Richard Thompson, Jeffrey Wright

Servants Michael Donahue, Jeffrey Wright


The Widow Capilet Franchelle Stewart Dorn

Diana, her daughter Leah Maddrie

Marianna, her friend Karen Eterovich

Morgan, the interpreter T.J. Edwards



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