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Once Upon a One More Time is available RIGHT NOW in 3-, 4-, and 5-play subscriptions.
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Sensory-Friendly Performance

Tickets available by phone only. Please call the Box Office at 202.547.1122 between noon and 6 p.m.

STC is excited to offer a sensory-friendly performance of Peter Pan and Wendy. This event is a safe space for individuals and families to enjoy a performance and be themselves.

What is a sensory-friendly performance? It’s just that—patrons are able to react however they wish to the show or to the environment, and enjoy a completely judgement-free zone. This will be a full performance of Peter Pan and Wendy, with elements such as lighting and sound adjusted slightly to lighten the sensory experience of the show. The house lights will not go completely out at any point. Sound cues will not be as loud. The joy of the theatre will still be present and Tinkerbell’s sparkle will still be magical—she may just be a little less overwhelming for some.

At this performance, patrons are welcome to come and go in the house as they please. Seating will be general admission to allow plenty of space to spread out and be comfortable. If you or your companion needs a break, the lobby will be open with a live feed of the show. Food, toys, fidgets or self-soothing aids are welcome into the theatre with patrons. Talking will be allowed and no one will be asked to keep it down. Tablets or other technology needed for communication are also welcome. There will be staff on hand to help guide patrons to accessible bathrooms, as well as point out quiet areas for those who may need to take a break.

We hope this provides an opportunity for patrons of any age to come as they are and enjoy Peter Pan and Wendy!

Questions about the sensory-friendly performance are welcome! Please contact us at STCBox@shakespearetheatre.org, or call the Box Office at 202.547.1122. The theatre staff is happy to address any concerns and answer any questions.

What can you do at this performance?

  • React as you normally would! There’s no need to worry about anyone being too loud or expressive during the relaxed performance.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the theatre for this performance.
  • Leave the theatre and come back in anytime you like.
  • Phones or tablets are welcome if they are needed as long as there is no sound coming from the device or recording of the show.
  • Bring in toys, fidget, or self-soothing devices if that makes anyone feel more comfortable.
  • Find a quiet place in the lobby or be taken to a contained space by a staff member, if someone in your party needs a private location to feel safe and secure.
  • Feel free of judgements by staff or other patrons.
  • Have fun!

What can you not do at this performance?

  • Just like all of STC’s performances, no photography or recording of the production is allowed. You can take a photo of the stage pre-show or post-show, but not of the production in action.
  • The stage is off-limits. There are a lot of moving parts during a performance, including some that could cause serious injury. The actors and crew are specially trained to work on the stage; patrons need to remain in the theatre and off the stage.
  • We ask that phones be silenced during a performance, so it doesn’t ring when the show is happening. If you need to answer your phone, the lobby is the perfect place to do so!

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Peter Pan and Wendy