Get on your feet and dive into The Select (The Sun Also Rises) with the newly updated Reflections. More than just a discussion, Reflections is a mini-workshop designed to encourage audience members to share their perspectives while learning about the play. See how you and your fellow patrons personally connect to the themes, tackle fun, physical and imaginative activities with the group, and debate your opinions on the production.

Part of the Creation Conversation series, Reflections is an opportunity for audience members of all ages to engage with and gain insight from members of the Shakespeare Theatre community.

If you are interested in learning about The Select (The Sun Also Rises) from the perspective of artists and scholars, attend the three-week Shakespeare Salon.

FREE, reservations recommended. Reserve your spot today!


March 11

Lansburgh Theatre5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

The Select
Creative Conversations
This is a FREE event.
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