Words Beats & Life

After holding their Youth Poetry Grand Slam Finals at the Harman last spring, Words Beats & Life will return to the Forum to present a spoken word performance reflecting the themes present in The Amen Corner. Since 2000, Words Beats & Life have been unapologetic advocates for the transformative power of hip-hop culture in all its forms, empowering artists to relentlessly create and refine systems that demonstrate this notion of positive change through creativity. Come directly from work, get a drink at the Forum bar, and transition into the evening with a unique mix of performances. All performances are FREE and open to the public but with limited space, reservations are strongly encouraged.

Happenings at the Harman

Words Beats & Life
The Amen Corner
Happenings at the Harman events take place in the Forum at Sidney Harman Hall on select Thursday evenings from 6–7 p.m., which makes for an ideal pre-theatre experience (though theatre attendance is not required as all are welcome to enjoy).

All performances are FREE but with limited space, reservations are strongly encouraged.
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