It sometimes feels easier to talk about the work of DiCaprio than the work of Da Vinci, but with the help of Rebekah Pineda of Hamiltonian Artists, you’ll feel empowered to examine, discuss and even collect fine art. Rebekah will provide a basic overview of art criticism and approachable tips for starting an art collection that will transform your home into a meaningful miniature gallery.

Workshop: $15

About your host: Rebekah Pineda received her Master’s in Arts Management at American University, Washington, DC, exploring the power and potential of arts in underserved communities. In conjunction, she was a Development Fellow at Sitar Arts Center, a multi-disciplinary arts organization, serving children from low-income households in DC. An artist at heart, Rebekah received a BA in Art History with additional study in studio arts. Since moving to DC, she has explored the arts and culture scene working for Hamiltonian Artists. Hamiltonian is a nonprofit that runs a two-year fellowship for artists that provides them with a stipend, travel to fairs, commercial gallery representation and mentorship. The organization also runs professional development programs for the public and helps facilitate the building of community through the arts in DC.

Life Hack:
Critically Examining and Collecting Artwork

Padua Finishing School5:30 – 7 p.m.


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