Immerse yourself in the world of the play with pre and post-show conversations. Before the show Literary Manager, Drew Lichtenberg and Audience Enrichment Manager, Hannah Hessel Ratner will provide the context, questions and dialogue you crave. Then continue the conversation following the show with the cast of The Select (The Sun Also Rises).

Part of the Creative Conversations series, Bookends enables audience members to enter the play with a heightened level of knowledge about a production. Rounding out the theatrical experience, audiences continue the conversation with the actors post-performance.

If you are interested in learning about The Select (The Sun Also Rises) from the perspective of artists and scholars, attend the three-week Shakespeare Salon. 

FREE, reservations recommended. Reserve your spot today!


March 01

Lansburgh Theatrepre-show: 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. post-show

The Select
Creative Conversations
This is a FREE event.
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