[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nEveryone needs something outrageous to read when they're on the go. Where do you write your most scintillating thoughts?\n\n- Facebook [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Twitter [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- Tumblr [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- Instagram [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- Pinterest [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Social media? I prefer letters. [[Choose|Question5][$ScoreF +=1.5]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n<<silently>>\n<<set ending = 'a'>>\n<<set $max = $ScoreA>>\n<<if $ScoreB gt $max>><<set $max = $ScoreB>><<set ending = 'b'>><<endif>>\n<<if $ScoreC gt $max>><<set $max = $ScoreC>><<set ending = 'c'>><<endif>>\n<<if $ScoreD gt $max>><<set $max = $ScoreD>><<set ending = 'd'>><<endif>>\n<<if $ScoreE gt $max>><<set $max = $ScoreE>><<set ending = 'e'>><<endif>>\n<<if $ScoreF gt $max>><<set $max = $ScoreF>><<set ending = 'f'>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<if ending eq 'a'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/help.html]]<<endif>>\n<<if ending eq 'b'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/cecily.html]]<<endif>>\n<<if ending eq 'c'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/gwen.html]]<<endif>>\n<<if ending eq 'd'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/algernon.html]]<<endif>>\n<<if ending eq 'e'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/jack.html]]<<endif>>\n<<if ending eq 'f'>>[[Ah, we know exactly who you are. Click here.|http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/earnest-characters/bracknell.html]]<<endif>>\n
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nWhich Oscar Wilde are you?\n\n[[Furred Wilde, 1882 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreF+=1.5]]\n[img[http://host1.images.cdn.fotopedia.com/flickr-2743090877-medium.jpg]]\n\n[[Merrion Square Wilde, 1997 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreB+=1.6]]\n<html><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/75/Merrion_Square_-_Oscar_Wilde_04.jpg/800px-Merrion_Square_-_Oscar_Wilde_04.jpg" width="350" height="250"></html>\n\n[[The Importance of Style Wilde, 1879 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreD+=1.5]]\n<html><img src="http://jumpingpolarbear.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/oscar-wilde-picture.jpg" width="200" height="280"></html>\n\n[[Oxford Wilde, 1876 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreE+=1.6]]\n<html><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/db/Oscar_Wilde_%281854-1900%29%2C_by_Hills_%26_Saunders%2C_Rugby_%26_Oxford_3_april_1876.jpg" width="200" height="280"></html>\n\n[[Hatted and Cloaked Wilde, 1882 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreA+=1]]\n<html><img src="http://host1.images.cdn.fotopedia.com/flickr-9592234765-medium.jpg" width="200" height="280"></html>\n\n[[Flowered Wilde, 1881 (click here)|Question3][$ScoreC+=1.5]]\n<html><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/21/Punch_-_Oscar_Wilde.png/356px-Punch_-_Oscar_Wilde.png" width="200" height="280"></html>\n\n
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nIf you were to go off on a "Bunbury" of your own, which alter ego might you create?\n \n- A dullard who prefers to get dressed in the dark. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- A somber merchant who always has a drink and cigar in hand. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- An awkward sociopath with an eating disorder. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- A Parisian artist with an outrageous accent. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- A meek librarian who enjoys a good technical manual. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- A social recluse who prefers their cabin in the deepest part of the wood. [[Choose|Verdict][$ScoreF +=1.5]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nYou’re invited to an elegant dinner with Lady Bracknell. What color gown/suit do you wear?\n\n- Blue [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Yellow [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- Pink [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Green [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- Red [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Black [[Choose|Question6][$ScoreA +=1]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nWhich character from "The Importance of Being Earnest" are you?\n\n[[Start|Question1]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nMiss Prism wants her teaching to be more theatrical. Which of our STC Master Acting Classes would you recommend to her?\n\n- Physical Comedy [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- Improvisation [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Acting for Business Professionals [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- Directing for the Stage [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Voice and Text [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Shakespeare Scene Study [[Choose|Question8][$ScoreB +=1.6]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nWhen on holiday, what's your favorite way to relax?\n\n- Try out the hot, new restaurant in town. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- Explore some local hiking trails. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- Play a rousing game of croquet. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Invite friends over for a multiple course dinner. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Work on that novel you keep talking about. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Stay home and take care of a few projects you've been meaning to get to. [[Choose|Question7][$ScoreA +=1]]\n\n
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nWhich of the below do you agree with?\n\n- “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n\n- “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreA +=1]]\n\n- “It is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the truth.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n\n- “I can't eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n\n- “I don't like novels that end happily. They depress me so much.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n\n- “Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch it and the bloom is gone.” [[Choose|Question2][$ScoreF +=1.5]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nArranged marriages be darned, you and your love are eloping! Where do you go to get hitched?\n\n- London, England [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Paris, France [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- Las Vegas, NV [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- New York, NY [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Rome, Italy [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Los Angeles, CA [[Choose|Question4][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n\n
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Shakespeare Theatre Company
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\nWhat do you look for in an ideal mate?\n\n- Honesty [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- Wealth [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Nice Hair [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- Wit [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreD +=1.5]]\n- A tragic childhood story [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- Answering to the name of Ernest. [[Choose|Question10][$ScoreC +=1.5]]
[img[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/_img/earnest-banner.jpg]]\n\t\nThe butler would like to know how you’ll take your tea for this afternoon’s garden party.\n\n- Two sugars and a chocolate éclair. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreE +=1.6]]\n- No sugar or milk, no food. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreA +=1]]\n- A little milk and a cucumber sandwich. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreF +=1.5]]\n- Milk, no sugar (it’s hardly the fashion), bread & butter. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreC +=1.5]]\n- Milk, sugar and a big slice of cake. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreB +=1.6]]\n- No tea, just muffins. [[Choose|Question9][$ScoreD +=1.5]]
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