Tuesdays, July 10 through August 14, 2018
Instructor: Joy Jones
Prior experience: Not required

Explore the integration of voice and language while deepening your understanding of the creative power of your own voice. Through a broad range of exercises, students will explore the complex links between breath, thought, emotion, voice, and language, while increasing their ability to utilize safely and effectively an expressive, powerful, and fully embodied voice either onstage or in daily life.

Joy Jones, Teaching Artist
Years with STC: 4
Last Seen In: Disgraced at Wells Theater
Website: www.thejoyjones.com

From the Syllabus:
Essential Question: What are the vocal tools a speaker or performer needs?
Course Objectives: Participants will explore and synthesize basic voice and speech skills and concepts through warm-ups, in-class group and partner exercises, readings, and presentations.
Course Outcomes: Participants will be able to understand the process for creating effective vocal communication and apply that process to their own communication.
Key Knowledge & Skills: Voice, Breath, Relaxation, Resonance, Pitch, Dynamics, Enunciation

Voice and Speech

July 10 - Aug 14

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