Tuesdays, March 13 through April 17, 2018

Instructor: Hannah Hessel Ratner

Prior Experience: Not required.

Become confident in your opinions and how you express them. In this class you will explore the history of theatrical criticism, learn tools to analyze works of art and gain confidence in expressing your voice. Structured for artists, writers and audience members alike, this class will build your critical viewing and writing skills.

Hannah Hessel Ratner, STC Audience Enrichment Manager
Years with STC: 7
Why I Teach: I love the connection I make with my students particularly as I get to support their creative and artistic growth.”
Best Exercise We Do in Class: “It’s always fun to have a Descriptive Scavenger Hunt. Students write descriptions of images from plays and the other students track down which image is being described. It sounds easy, but when describing the visual world of a stage recalling specifics can sometimes be a challenge. This exercise gets students to practice using descriptive language, giving their reader the ability to see a production through the writer’s eyes.”

Theatre Criticism

March 13 - April 17

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