Mondays, July 9 through August 20, 2018 (No Class on July 23)
Instructor:  Gregory Wooddell
Prior Experience: Approaching Shakespeare or equivalent required.

Dive into scene work in a small class environment, focusing on characters and scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Through concentrated partner work under guidance from STC Affiliated Artist Gregory Wooddell discover techniques trained classical actors use to develop textual clarity, invest in the given circumstances, physicalize intentions, and emotionally invest in Shakespeare.

Gregory Wooddell, STC Affiliated Artist
Last Seen In at STC: Hamlet
Upcoming at STC: Romeo & Juliet and The Comedy of Errors
What His Students Say:

  • “Gregory is a wonderful instructor! He makes students feel safe to work.”
  • “Gregory is very knowledgeable and helpful—an outstanding teacher with a true love for performing.”
  • “Loved Greg. High marks all around. Really good at understanding what actor can use to help get into character. Good at criticism without being undermining. Best teacher I’ve had.”
  • “Great instructor, wonderful insights and great acting suggestions. Very relaxed, good group spirit.”
  • “Greg is terrific! I’ve loved every minute of this class. He challenges us without making us feel as if we are beginners which most of us are. He knows how to bring out the best in everyone.”

Shakespeare Scene Study: Midsummer

July 9 - Aug 20

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