Mondays, November 4 through December 9, 2019
Instructor: Alex Piper
Prior Experience: Approaching Shakespeare or equivalent required.
Dive into scene work in a small class environment. Through concentrated partner work, discover techniques trained classical actors use to develop textual clarity, invest in the given circumstances, physicalize intentions, and emotionally invest in Shakespeare.

Alex Piper, STC Teaching Artist
Last Seen In: Kleptocracy with Arena Stage
Years with STC: 6 (including a year in STC’s Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University)
Why I Teach: “I teach because I firmly believe in education as an effective and transformative medium that fosters empowerment, self-exploration, and investigation of the nexus between the individual and the greater human experience. My approach focuses on experiential mastery of individual tools that the actor can fuse together in their own unique process which fosters authentic and actionable choices within the space and values effectiveness of the individual’s interpretive efforts.


Nov 4 - Dec 9

Education Classes and Camps
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