Tuesdays, November 14 through December 19

Instructor: Drew Lichtenberg

Prior Experience: Not required.

Have you ever been curious about the work of a Dramaturg? This class will give you the opportunity to explore the many ways a Dramaturg contributes to theatrical productions. Learn from professional dramaturg Drew Lichtenberg (STC Literary Manager and Resident Dramaturg) how to approach everything from Shakespeare to working with a playwright on a new play. No prior dramaturgy experience required.

Drew Lichtenberg, STC Literary Manager and Resident Dramaturg
Years with STC: 7
Dramaturgy Work: 33 productions, including the world premieres of SALOME, WALLENSTEIN, THE METROMANIACS, THE HEIR APPARENT, and THE CRITIC (with THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND)
Best Exercise We Do in Class:  “Learn all the structural secrets of the greatest playwrights, from Shakespeare to Brecht to Adrienne Kennedy.”

Introduction to Dramaturgy

Nov 14 - Dec 19

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