Wednesdays, April 29 through June 3, 2020

Instructor: Katelyn Manfre
Prior Experience: Not required.
Practice the basic skills required to be an actor. Begin your journey with an exploration of the actor’s vocal, physical and psychological instrument while playing fun games, creating characters, and performing with an ensemble.

Katelyn Manfre, Teaching Artist
Years with STC: MFA from the Academy for Classical Acting in 2016 to present
Last Seen: Imogen with Pointless Theatre Company; King Lear with Theater at Monmouth (ME); Director of (the) Unruly Improv Theater McLean, VA; Improv instructor for Imagination Stage and Round House Theatre
Why I Teach: Theater is for everyone, so I encourage students of all levels to experiment with scene-work, find their own measures of success, and take ownership over what they create. I love being surprised by new ideas and am always energized by the growth I see at any age.”


Apr 27 - Jun 8

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