Tuesdays, September 19 through October 24, 2017

Instructor:  Dan Crane

Prior Experience: Prior participation in Introduction to Acting or equivalent required.

Plunge into scene work through in-depth text analysis, concentrated partner work and full investment in given circumstances. As the first step in the continued study of the craft of acting, students in this class explore ways to activate contemporary texts in rehearsal and performance.

Dan Crane, STC Resident Teaching Artist
Years with STC: 12
Last Seen Directing: An Iliad with Taffety Punk Theatre Company
From the Syllabus:

Participants will be able to…

  • Identify given circumstances to make decisions that inform the action
  • Analyze the text for clues and context
  • Make informed decisions pertaining to the physical proximity of the characters and the architecture in the playing space

Week One:      Foundation Work
Week Two:      Table Work
Week Three:   Physical Life
Week Four:      Listening & Responding
Week Five:      Rehearsal Process
Week Six:        Performance

Fundamentals of Scene Study

Sept 19 - Oct 24

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