Thursdays, September 21 through October 26, 2017

Instructor: Nathan Winkelstein

Prior Experience: Not required.

Expand your knowledge of voice and movement techniques to become more comfortable transforming your voice and body in performance. Discover tools to build a unique character while connecting deeper to your physical instrument. Students will apply their vocal and physical exploration to working with text in performance.

Nathan Winkelstein, Teaching Artist
Years with STC: 3
Also Works With: Red Bull Theatre in New York
Last Seen In at STC: As You Like It
Best Exercise We Do in Class: “Stature/Status – So you’ve mastered that Richard III hump, but now you’re up against a panther like Tybalt. How do we interact based on our bodies? Do we fight against assumptions of our type or do we revel in them?”

Creating a Character: Movement and Voice

Sept 21 - Oct 26

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