Thursdays, September 21 through October 26, 2017

Instructor: Brent Stansell

Prior Experience: Not required.

Whether it’s the boardroom or lunchroom, client or co-worker, maximize the potential of every meeting, presentation and negotiation in the business world. In a fun, comfortable environment, learn how to listen and communicate more effectively and become more relaxed, present and persuasive in public through the study of techniques used by actors and directors in the theatre.

Brent Stansell, Teaching Artist and Training Programs Manager
Years with STC: 9
Why I Teach: “I truly believe that theatre skills are life skills that can be applied to any field, and especially to communication. There is tremendous joy in watching a student become more aware of their physical, vocal, and tactical skills over the duration of class. My most rewarding moments as a teacher come when I hear from a student months later that they received praise for the big speech they gave or landed that job they wanted.”
What Students Say: “I really enjoyed the instructor and content we covered in classes–the material and exercises were engaging, informative, and highly relevant for business professionals (or anyone, for that matter!). I noticed the benefits of having this time carved out each week to focus on tools and techniques for being an impactful communicator–my boss actually commented on noticeable improvements in my “meeting presence” over the last few months in the context of my annual performance review.”

Acting for Business Professionals

Sept 21 - Oct 26

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