Thursdays, March 19 through April 23, 2020

Instructor: Brent Stansell
Prior Experience: Not required.
Whether it’s the boardroom or lunchroom, client or co-worker, maximize the potential of every meeting, presentation and negotiation in the business world. In a fun, comfortable environment, learn how to listen and communicate more effectively and become more relaxed, present and persuasive in public through the study of physical, vocal, analytical, and textual techniques used by actors and directors in the theatre.

Brent Stansell, Associate Director of Education and Training
Years with STC: 11
Why I Teach: “I’ve had so many fulfilling experiences helping my students find confidence in giving presentations, getting the job after the interview, or delivering a fantastic wedding speech. It’s been rewarding to see participants gain new skills to try and take ownership of all different forms of communication.”
From the Syllabus:
Essential Questions:
How do theatre professionals utilize space, body, voice, and text to achieve their goals and objectives?  What tools and strategies does the theatre professional employ to engage an audience? How can business professionals use these tools to create engaging presentations that motivate their audiences?

Course Outcomes: Participants will be able to…

  • Become more aware of their intentional and unintentional body language
  • Utilize vocal techniques used by actors
  • Communicate complex text clearly and efficiently
  • Give a presentation for a group confidently and effectively


Mar 19 - Apr 23

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